We Shall Never Be in Love Again

2005, 4, 10 min, video installation and performance / Voiceover by Biogen, sound mixed by Thor / Text from Susan Miller´s astrologyzone

Wow, Gemini!

                        What a month!

Your love life should be


                                                                        short of


Aspects like THESE

                        are as rare

as diamonds

                                                                                    and far more



You won't see

                a remarkable

  lineup of planets

like this for another


And guess what?

                        They are all

                                                            lined up

   in your fifth house

       of love,


     fun, leisure,

              and creativity

The universe

  wants you

                        to be productive!

With Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun,


the new moon solar eclipse

     on October 3 all in

ideal placements

                                              to support you,

   you're about to win

      the jackpot

   in the

  game of love.