creations (major works)


2010-2016 Keep Frozen. Research-based project manifesting itself in series of videos, mixed-media installations, feature length cinema documentary, sculpture, immersive multi-channel video installation, performance etc.


Keep Frozen part zero (2013): single-channel video 00:44, HD 16:9

Keep Frozen part one (2013): mixed-media installation consisting of a single-channel video; sculpture made out of

six (each 50x60 cm boya shaped), 3mm thick plexiglass plates in variable colours and a hemp rope; few ready- made rope fragments; two ready-made handkerchiefs, red and blue; two ready-made plaster seagull statues 35 cm high and audience performance with rope as a prop.

Keep Frozen part two (2014): mixed-media installation consisting of single-channel video 'Material Puffin' 6:00 HD 16:9 ; same sculpture as in KF part one; ready-made ship painted metal objects in variable size and colours; three C-prints (each 50x50 cm) framed in a crumbling wood made from century old dismantled dock floor.

Keep Frozen part three (2016): Chapter one: 48-hour dock worker performance consisting of 5 dock workers in uniform and with helmets, 170 'Keep Frozen' incscripted white strapped cardboard boxes, each 13 x 40 x 50 cm with 25 kg filling (content variable), electronic strapping machine, handjack. Chapter two: immersive syncronised 3-channel video installation 'Labour Move', 12:00, HD (9:16) x 3. Also consisting of 170 'Keep Frozen' boxes distributed between 5 europallets, strap leftover scattered on the floor.

Keep Frozen part four (2016): mixed-media installation and dockworker performance consisting of dock worker action at the vernissage; found trawler net retrieved from the bottom of the sea; documentation video of dock worker action of carrying the net into the museum 3:00 HD 16:9; 12 commissioned from shipyard worker 120 x 30 cm each, ship paint in various colours; text on a wall quoting Allan Sekula; Material Puffin video from KF part two; 'Goldship' sculpture dimension variable ca 130 cm long, 60 cm high. 45 cm wide made out of paper, wallpaper glue, metal wires, plaster, plastic grids, paint and covered with Rosenoble Doppelgold 23.75 Karat gold.

2013-2015 The World Will Not End. A prophecy delivered in different mediums, e.g. public space billboard and performance.


First manifestation: A performance and graffiti inside Leap gallery, Berlin during Manifestation exhibition, 2012.

Second manifestation: A billboard outside Wand gallery at the group exhibition The Oracle in 2013.

Third manifestation: A public space painting on the floor of a large car park outside Gerdasafn museum at Cycle Festival in Kopavogur, Iceland, 2015.

2010-2011 Hops Hopsi. Mixed-media Installation: 10-channel video, sculpture, relief, performance. 10368 gummibärchen, acryl glass, 31 metal chairs, particle boards, halogen reflector lamps, yellow and red sailcloth 52m², 10 DVD players, 3 TV tubes, 7 video projectors.

2007 Don’t stop me now. I’m having such a good time. Sculpture installation: Car metal plates, construction metal, paper-maché, ready-made clothes and shoes, acryl paint, window security glass.

2006 Don’t feed them after midnight. The Cult of the cute puffin gremlin. Video loop of 2, 58 min. with music from SigurRos and Thor, mixed by Thor with street performance, sculpture, digital photo print, ongoing performance on the street and designed puffin hoodies. Installation: cloth, paper-maché, paint, strings, wood, DVD player, video projector.




Gudný Guðmundsdóttir Berlin and Reykjavik, webmagazine video for White Rabbit, 00:08.54, 2017.

Keep Frozen, 68 min cinema documentary, 2016 .

Material Puffin, 16:9 single-channel video, 00:06:28, 2014.

Sophie Erlund, Berlin, webmagazine video for White Rabbit, 00:08.58, 2014.

Keep Frozen part one, 16:9 single channel video loop, 00:00:47, 2013.

Keep Frozen part zero, 16:9 single channel installation video loop, 00:06:34, 2013. 

Hops Hopsi, 10-channel-video 16:9 installation loop, various lenghts, 2010. 

The Cornershop (original title 'Kjötborg'), 45min cinema documentary, 2008.

Don't Feed Them After Midnight, 16:9 single channel video loop, 00:07:15, 2006.

We Shall Never Be In Love Again, 16:9 single-channel video, 00:05:14, 2005.