The World Will Not End is an ongoing project in various mediums.



The world will not end in 2015 is a commissioned work in public space. The artist works with the idea of fear propaganda in our society. In a humorous way she reflects on the Maya prophecy of apocalypse in 2012 with a multilayered message to individuals as well as the society altogether. The sound part of the work gives it another perspective as The New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorák is broadcasted over the public parking space in Kopavogur. The Symphony was written as an ode to The New World as refugees from Europe where immigrating to the US during WWII. The words and the music together become a reminder of how our world is endlessly changing, of how each ending is a new beginning.

- Guðný Gudmundsdottir, art director of Cycle Music and Art Festival.





The World Will Not End in 2015 Painting on a car park in public space. Acryl paint. Font: Helvetica.


The World Will Not End In 2013 poster on billboard in public space.
Print wallpaper, ink. Font: Helvetica.


The World Will Not End in 2012 performance, black graffiti spray.


Don´t believe the hype. In collaboration with Claus Philipp Lehmann.