The first part of Keep Frozen was shown and tested as a mixed-media installation and an event at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts], New York.

Sculpture: Six plexiglass plates, 3 mm thick, colours variable, dimensions boya shaped 50 x 60 cm, hemp rope.

The artist is examining the mechanism of personal childhood memories of the fishing harbor and harbor culture. Those memories are approached from current conditions labelled ‘precarious times’ of cultures in transformation. ‘Loss of reality’ masks the foundation and dynamics of society. Illusion is displacing complex questions.
— Laura Arena, director and founder of DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts]

Video: HD, 00:06:34, 16:9 loop.

It is in the memories where permanence lingers. This permanence transforms into a landscape of fantasy where authenticity has found its home in rhythm, colours and shapes. The thrust of nostalgia is desire. It masks the crisis.
— Hulda Rós, the artist

Ready-mades: Fragile rope fragments found on the Atlantic beach of Morocco; two handkerchiefs blue and red donated by a Red Hook local; two plaster 20 cm high seagull tourist memorabilia statues bought at the Baltic sea.


Audience performance at exhibition opening.