The other side of Newly-rich Iceland is broken security. Each and everyone think solely about themselves and those closest to them and have always wanted that jeep like the advertisement says. This is a condition that leaves behind a trail of dirty garbage, inner and outer. That which is alluring, the diamonds and the shining cars are really the sharp oblivion of greed.

In March 2008 this text had to be rewritten in past tense. The exaggerated heroism didn’t last but left are the debris, a country in bankruptcy and a welfare system broken down. 


Don't stop me now. I'm having such a good time

Sculpture (3,5 x 0,7 x 2,2), 2007 / Metal from used discarted cars and the building industry, security window glass, paper-maché, ready-made clothing. All found.

Text written about the project in March 2007:

The new hero of the Icelandic society is the money-main, the stock trader, the bank manager. He shines in a glorious, luminous and uncriticized light parallel to the light that shone on the fisherman that in the past sailed on his dangerous journey on the Atlantic ocean and caught fish in the unlimited horizons of the sea, or the cowboy of the wild west in America that rode fast as the wind, free as the bird, on the plains of the new land and conquered new provinces.

The mass media is the biggest participant in the creation of the New hero, with its pages filled with stories of parties, special deals which they receive when their employment contracts end, and staggering profits. This is a boy’s game, the search for the essence of manly hood. The moneyman is expanding abroad, he is conquering the world, and he throws his friends and beneficiaries grand parties in the spirit of the gods of Valhalla. He is the Man.