I look at the world with art as my point of view. I'm a curious person. For me the world is a community of people: their situations, their environment, their movements in space and time and I look at how these things relate and, most importantly, communicate. It is from these sources of inspiration that ideas are born, inspiring both the creation of objects, performances, video installation and human connections.

I'm driven by ideas that rise from a process that involves social engagement and research of current social, political and cultural state of affairs. The projects are long term with many different artistic outcomes. These projects with their artistic outcomes are perhaps based on ideas originated in me, the artist, but they would never become anything if it weren't for all the people I meet and collaborate with along the way. I enjoy collaborating with other artists and professionals from different fields, from both inside and outside of academia and the professional creative sphere; from the art and film worlds.

It is about how things are and how they happen.

I am one of those people who is constantly observing yet reflecting. I have learned that I see things from an unique perspective, which is not always aligned with what others see and is often ahead of its time or at least invisible to many. This is my strength. My passion sometimes leads me to uncover the invisible or the ignored.

I share these experiences and perspective with others by sharing my position as art works.